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Schwer und Kopka GmbH - effiziente Prozess- und  Werkzeugüberwachung Ihrer Produktionsmaschinen

 The virus SARS-CoV-2 and the associated disease COVID-19 continue to influence our everyday life significantly. As part of the reduction in the code of conduct decided by our government, our customer service is again available almost without restriction. Of course, all employees are instructed on compliance with the general safety instructions. Compliance with the specified hygiene rules of our state government, as well as any further regulations of our customers, has top priority in our customer service.

We also offer you the possibility of video conferencing. We are happy to provide our customers with suitable platforms for this.

You can reach our sales and service teams on the hotline numbers given from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Our hotlines are not busy on Sundays and public holidays.

Side Weingarten

Phone +49 751 56164-111

MES software SK-go! and terminals
Phone +49 751 56164-113

Process monitoring
Phone +49 751 56164-115

 You can find more information about our services here.

Side Hilden

Phone +49 2103 9091-111

MES software SK-go! and terminals
Phone +49 2103 9091-113

Process monitoring
Phone +49 2103 9091-115