Schwer und Kopka GmbH - effiziente Prozess- und  Werkzeugüberwachung Ihrer Produktionsmaschinen

Being customer service oriented is the most important pillar of our success in the market. We know the specifics of your manufacturing processes and where problems may occur. You, as our customers, rightly expect your concerns to be our focus and that issues are resolved promptly, completely, easily and affordably.

We have a highly motivated, qualified and experienced team at our disposal. And that is what our name stands for since 1990.

Our services for the area of MES:

  • 4 locations in Germany
  • telephone hotline
  • remote maintenance
  • attractive software maintenance offers
  • experienced PC and network technicians for MES system support
  • training for system users and machine operators in our 2 training centers or on-site

Our services for the area of process monitoring:

  • 4 active service centers in Germany (Weingarten, Hilden, Nuremberg, Hannover)
  • more than 15 employees in the service with many years of experience
  • short notice service appointments
  • attractive hourly rates
  • simple, uncomplicated handling
  • trained service technicians at our partners abroad
  • detailed knowledge of your production processes and machine technology
  • systems and spare parts available directly from stock
  • compatible sensors for all systems customary in the market
  • attractive regular maintenance contracts for your entire equipment pool
  • training for operators and maintenance personnel at our 2 training centers or on-site
  • teleservice and remote maintenance

For all questions about the use of our systems, competent employees are ready to assist you and to eliminate problems. Minor issues can be solved quickly and simply by our hotline. Whether it be a brief explanation for a better understanding, a small correction of setting parameters, or a technical on-line check of the connected machines: Usually, the hotline will be able to access your system remotely and to help quickly and comprehensively.

Give us a call:

Location Weingarten

Phone +49 751 56164-111         Email

MES Software SK-go! and Terminals
Phone +49 751 56164-113         Email

Process monitoring
Phone +49 751 56164-115         Email

Standort Hilden

Phone +49 2103 9091-111         Email

MES Software SK-go! andTerminals
Phone +49 2103 9091-113         Email

Process monitoring
Phone +49 2103 9091-115         Email