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Schwer und Kopka GmbH - effiziente Prozess- und  Werkzeugüberwachung Ihrer Produktionsmaschinen

Safety - also in customer service! An essential part of the work of our service technicians is of course the presence on site at our customers for the most diverse tasks. Our company vehicles cover almost one million kilometres per year! To ensure that our employees always arrive safely at the customer's premises, we recently took part in an intensive ADAC driver safety training at the famous Nürburgring race track.

With more than 10 employees of our branch in Hilden we took part in an intensive driving training organised by the ADAC at the Nürburgring. The colleagues were able to refresh their knowledge and skills in the field of "driving safety" and prove them on the test track.

The training contents included questions such as:

    • Which driving techniques can be used to cope better with critical situations?
    • Your car breaks out and skids...Which countermeasures are reasonable and possible?
    • Which is the best way to brake on smooth and non-slip roads?
    • Automatic speed measurement systems help you to find the limit area.
    • Driving in curves in a circular path and discovering the "centrifugal forces" at the same time
    • Correct seating position, steering and glance technique, not only on the slalom course
    • What role do ESP, ABS and Co. play? A lot of information about vehicle technology, driving physics and driving assistance systems

At the end of the event, everyone agreed that the knowledge acquired will have a direct influence on the future driving behaviour.

Here are some impressions: