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Our proven X-Flex strain transducer is now available in an advanced version. For the first time, it is not necessary to re-calibrate the system if a sensor must be replaced. Measuring true forces by means of strain sensors is a must on many metal working machines as a protection against overloads and as an aid for precise and repeatable machine and tool set ups.

The X-Flex sensor is based on strain-gauge technology and is simply bolted to machine parts under load such as a press frame. The sensor registers the elongation of the machine frame under the manufacturing forces. The measured signal, when properly mounted and torqued down, is directly proportional to the mechanical tension present in the structure. The integrated bridge amplifier conditions the sensor signal and supplies a strong and reproducible output signal.

The new version of the sensor called X-Flex D44 now features 4 pre-calibrated measuring ranges (62,5με, 125με, 250με or 500με) which make the sensor suitable for a wide of range of load applications. In addition, this feature allows to replace sensors without having to re-calibrate the entire set-up.