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Schwer und Kopka GmbH - effiziente Prozess- und  Werkzeugüberwachung Ihrer Produktionsmaschinen

Finally, trade fair again! From June 20 to 24, 2022, the international trade fair Wire & Tube took place. Almost 1,800 exhibitors from 50 countries came to Düsseldorf to present their technological highlights.

Many visitors took the opportunity to learn about the new monitoring systems SK5.12 and SK4.10 of the CPX product line at our joint MARPOSS Group booth. This was developed to protect machines and tools with the latest hardware and software and to ensure the quality of series parts and is the successor to the previously successful CPS device series. Modern features such as multi-machine view and document display even without an industrial PC were the highlights of the new series.

In addition, we were able to present the MES software C-THRU4.0 MES, the next product for our MES solution SK-go!®. The new software will be the common MES application in the house of Marposs for monitoring systems of the brands Brankamp, as well as schwer + kopka and is based on the MES system SK-go!®, which has been established for many years.

Many customers accepted the invitation and brought a few production parts with them, which could be measured directly on site with the optical 2D precision measuring device OPTOFLASH XS 60. The OPTOFLASH is a flexible optical measuring system, fast and precise. The perfect solution for accurate quality control in the laboratory and in production.