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The visualization of the process monitoring can also be done via existing PC-based machine controls or separate PC systems. In this case, the hardware for the monitoring electronics and signal processing is housed in a "black box" that communicates with the visualization computer via an Ethernet interface. A task switch allows the machine operator to switch between different tasks such as machine control, process monitoring, data acquisition or other applications.

We have solutions available for PCs with Windows and Windows CE operating systems.
  • networkable monitoring module
  • compact device for DIN rail mounting
  • 4 analog channels
  • 8 binary inputs
  • monitoring of force/travel signals
  • different monitoring functions:
    • envelope technology
    • windowing
    • measurement of remaining bottom thickness during clinching
  • specially designed for monitoring joining and assembly processes
  • visualization via the front-end terminals SK 600T or SK 800T
  • alternatively, visualization via external PCs or the machine control
  • connection for MES with SK-go!®
  • monitoring module for hidden mounting
  • compact device for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet
  • 1 - 8 analog channels
  • 1 - 4 binary inputs
  • monitoring of force and acoustic emission signals
  • state-of-the-art envelope technology with dynamic limits
  • all other monitoring options available
  • visualization via the front-end terminals SK 600 T or SK 800 T
  • alternatively, visualization via external PCs or the machine control
  • connection for MES with SK-go!®

Process monitoring system for forming presses with controls based on Windows CE. The visualization of the process data and the force curves takes place via the existing screen of the machine control. The visualization graphics and the type of monitoring functions depend on the respective machine type and the controller.

  • monitoring integrated in machine control
  • switch between the views of the control and the monitoring function via touch-screen
  • common, uniform operating interface
  • based on Windows CE
  • three different versions:
    • System SC 500i for sensing press loads with sensors mounted to the machine frame (left/right/total), each with its own overload limits. The press load curves are additionally monitored by envelopes and trending limits.
    • System SC 600i for two-channel monitoring of rolling forces with envelope technology including an expert puzzle to monitor returns.
    • System SC Loadmatic-6 for step-related monitoring of the individual forming operations with envelope technology as well as an expert puzzle to detect rotated heads.
  • all versions can be combined in a single system e. g. for presses with integrated rolling station (frame force measurement plus monitoring of step and rolling forces)

Please contact us for versions suitable for your machine types.