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In general, the machine interface distinguishes between a physical interface with digital I/Os and a software interface.

The acquisition of the machine status via digital I/Os offers the advantage that signals for a clear description of the machine status are often already present in the machine controls, or can be retrofitted with little effort. Common MES terminals have several corresponding inputs and outputs and do not require any further software interface. In addition, numerous machines are already prepared for this type of connection with a suitable I/O module from the factory.

The OPC-UA interface has established itself as an international standard, enabling a secure and clearly defined exchange of data between the technical systems of different manufacturers. The OPC-UA interface is regarded as a prerequisite for future-proof data communication in the sense of Industry 4.0 and for the Internet of Things (IoT). It was developed by the OPC Foundation, whereby the UA stands for Unified Architecture.

Our current MES terminals and process monitoring systems have an OPC-UA interface.