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CAQ systems are EDP-supported devices for quality assurance. Many users demand comprehensive documentation from their suppliers concerning the measures taken for ensuring quality during the manufacturing process. In series production, the so-called SPC inspections are usually required. Within the scope of these tests, the manufactured products are randomly measured or checked at regular, prescribed intervals. The measurement results in turn are documented in the form of control charts and are then compared to statistically calculated action limits. If the action limits are violated, corrective intervention in the production process is necessary.

Suitable interfaces between CAQ and MES ensure that the inspections are carried out at the actual due dates and that they are not forgotten. On the other hand, unnecessary inspections are avoided or not even required if, for example, the machine has either not produced at all or only temporarily during the current inspection period. Direct networking with the machine also allows an automatic stop of if due inspections are not carried out or if the measured values are outside the limits to be observed. Our MES software SK-go! has implemented suitable interfaces to all leading CAQ systems.